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Topics in Open311 Discuss
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Federation of open311 instances? 6 griselda mc at 12:05am, Jan 25
[open311 discuss] Future of Open311 10 Gabriel at 2:25pm, Aug 30
Antw: [open311 discuss] Is there any city supporting Open311 that would like to have an app? 2 Gabriel at 11:11am, Jul 23
Is there any city supporting Open311 that would like to have an app? 1 Gabriel at 1:56pm, Jul 22
Seems as if the City of GieรŸen has discontinued open311 support 1 Thomas Lennartz at 7:53pm, Feb 12, 2019
Updates from Open Referral ( resource directory data) 1 greg.bloom at 4:09pm, Feb 01, 2019
Antw: [open311 discuss] Future of Open311 6 Philip Ashlock at 3:09pm, Dec 21, 2018
Future of Open311 2 Thomas Lennartz at 6:30pm, Nov 16, 2018
Finished open311 integration of app 1 Matthias Meisser at 7:20am, Sep 21, 2018
Antw: [open311 discuss] Federation of open311 instances? 2 Joe Siltberg at 7:39am, Sep 13, 2018
Antw: [open311 discuss] Update on 1 Matthias Meisser at 8:27am, Aug 01, 2018
Update on 2 Ben Sheldon at 11:35pm, Jul 30, 2018
[open311 discuss] Potential to adopt open311 1 Charles Brandt at 3:49pm, Apr 20, 2018
Potential to adopt open311 1 Neil at 2:34pm, Apr 19, 2018
[open311 discuss] City/Server Status 7 robert.giggey at 6:07pm, Feb 28, 2018
Open311 call - February 2018 1 Philip Ashlock at 7:38pm, Feb 21, 2018
Open311 monthly call 2 Philip Ashlock at 4:07pm, Feb 14, 2018
Antw: [open311 discuss] First steps upgrading the Bloomington Android App 4 Matthias Meisser at 2:04pm, Jan 03, 2018
[open311 discuss] Artificial Intelligence 22 Andy Maimoni at 3:03pm, Dec 28, 2017
Open311 monthly call - November 2017 1 Philip Ashlock at 4:55pm, Nov 15, 2017